September 2017 Pastor’s Perspective

Worship.  Adoration.  Devotion.  Awe.  Reverent honor and homage paid to God.  As we gather in the name of Jesus to worship, adore and honor him we learn we can take anything in our life and offer it to God.


That has been the heart of the message through our series based on the Psalms in July, August and now into September.  Along the way we have given praise that God is Lord, we have given thanks with a gratitude attitude, we have sought guidance on the walk of wisdom, been assured of God protection from anything that works to drive a wedge between us and our Lord, Jesus Christ.


At the end of July we considered our terrible, horrible, mixed-up days and how we can take our worst feelings and frustrations to God with the confidence that God already knows what we are feeling and that when we offer them to God, they will be transformed by the love of Jesus into hope and peace.


We took a brief break to hear from our kids who attended camp this summer and how they had met Jesus in worship, in nature and in play.  We returned with the assurance of God’s presence.


As we finish our series on the book of Psalms and taking it all to God we turn to music on Labor Day weekend.  We will come again to praise God through the combination of words and tunes in congregational singing and in special music.  We will finish with Psalms that lift up the work of God through history, looking back on what God has done in order to find our hope in what God will do in the future.  Part of this message includes the sinfulness that occurs when we forget God and all God has done, especially through the life and teachings of Jesus.


For those who may have missed some of these weeks, here is a list of the Psalms we have used in worship.

Praise: 46, 96, 67

Thanksgiving: 34, 107:1-9, 100

Wisdom: 19,119:1-8, 89-112

Protection: 40, 91, 16:5-11

Vengeance/Forsakenness: 109, 137, 22

Presence: 139, 121, 103:1-5

Praise Two: 8, 148, 150

History: 105, 106

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