November 2017 Pastor’s Perspective

“Let’s do something positive together!”  That is the lead into a call from Bishop Beard to have all the churches in our annual conference do a Prayer Walk Day on November 18.  Prayer walking is exactly what it sounds like.  It is praying as you walk around our community.  It is prayer that is conducted by individuals and groups on behalf of our neighbors and communities.    It is praying with our eyes open, the eyes of souls as well as our vision, so that we see our community as Jesus would see it.


What is Jesus showing you?  Who is Jesus making you notice?   Be in prayer for these persons and situations.  Walk silently while in conversation with God.  Walk unnoticed.  Do not draw attention to yourself while Jesus opens your heart to what you see.


Our Nurture and Outreach team plans to have all ages of persons in the church meet at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 18.  We will pray together and give instructions before sending persons out in groups to six areas of town.  All will be asked to be back at the church by 10:30 to meet for insights, sharing and closing prayer.  For those who have difficulty walking, you can choose to ride with a group and stay in the vehicle to pray or stay at the church to pray.  If the weather should be problem, all will stay at the church to pray.


As a congregation, and as God’s people, we are asked to spread the love of God and to invest in the persons Jesus sets before us.  We start with praying for them.  In our prayers, we may gain insights for how we might further invest in the people and situations we notice on our walk.  We may feel called to reach out in new ways or more focused ways.  God may lay on our hearts new passion for ministry in the community in which we live.


We would like every church member to join us on this special prayer walk day.  Go as a family to show that prayer changes things and the importance of prayer.  Sacrifice some time and change some plans so you can be part of the Spirit’s leading.  Come and expect to be changed through the power of praying together as the family of God called United Methodist.

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