May 2019 Pastor’s Perspective

Our season of Lent was one of many opportunities to learn, reflect, grow, and mature in our relationship with Jesus.  The Wednesday noon series gave us a chance to worship with persons from all the churches in the ministerial association.  The Bible study is off to a great start and will finish in May.  Insights and wonderful discussion abound.   Our Sunday worship services were uplifting and encouraging as we learn to walk the walk with Jesus.

On Maundy Thursday we had the awesome experience of The Living Last Supper presented in our own building by our members who stepped out to organize, act, memorize, practice, prepare, and pray for the presentation.  Others helped provide food for the evenings of dress rehearsal and presentation.  Still others helped with costumes and makeup and everyone helped spread the word and MANY came to be part of the experience.

On Good Friday we participated in the Cross Walk despite the blustery, chilly day.  In the evening we heard the scripture read and remembered all that Jesus went through and all he taught us in the process of love, mercy, and God’s grace.  Over the following 24 hours we participated with Chenoa in a prayer vigil of remembrance with 24 persons from our congregation alone participating.

Now we are in the season of Easter–resurrection–and we focus on resurrection living.  We are called to be witnesses today of the resurrection through our living in faith and hope.  Our very existence as a community of faith witnesses to the reality of the resurrection of Jesus.

Ann Weems wrote a poem she titled The Time for Kneeling to express what Easter means.

            The Lamb has been slain,

               and the sheep have scattered.

            Now is the time for kneeling,

              the time for believers

            to kneel and call upon his name,

               to kneel

                  and to rise again:

            the community of the resurrection.

Let us kneel in thanksgiving and joy–then rise again to be the community of the resurrection today and every day.

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