June 2019 Pastor’s Perspective

The Charting the Course of Discipleship Team has continued to pray and review the ideas everyone gave us on our all church planning day in January.  Ideas that were offered were numerous and exciting.  We have already done the Lent study and Easter bags for the food pantry.  June 9 we have an All Church Picnic (see details on following pages) and the United Methodist Men are working on project ideas for one day service projects.  In the fall Pastor Ann will offer the Prayer 101 class.

Other ideas that are in the works include writing our own Advent devotion booklet for 2019 which Karilyn Newnam is leading; planning work to start up more small groups to meet at various times and locations to include more persons in discipleship; and visitor welcome bags.  Finally, we will begin having times set aside in worship for persons to share how God has been at work in their lives.  We will have this time once a month beginning in June and will call this time “God in My Life.”  It will be open time for people to share like during Joys and Concerns although we will ask people to make use of the hand microphone that we will move around as needed.  We are looking forward to working on more ideas as time goes on.

Pentecost Sunday, June 9 Pentecost is the day we celebrate the Holy Spirit coming upon the disciples with tongues of fire.  Red is the color of the day so plan to wear your Holy Spirit color so we are awash in red on that day!

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