January 2018 Pastor’s Perspective

Awaken Worship


 Originally, a small group was formed to come up with ideas for a service to cater toward the younger generation, youth through early 20’s and those who may be unchurched. The thought was that this would be a more “contemporary” service and maybe appeal to those who found that the traditional worship service was not meeting their needs. Some people may have a job that does not allow Sunday morning worship to fit their schedule.


 After a period of trial and error on when to meet, it was decided on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. in the fellowship hall. Also, after beginning in the sanctuary, we decided that the fellowship hall may be less threatening to an unchurched individual. Believe it or not, there are unchurched people right here in our own community and we are trying to reach out to them. We also found that in our own church, we do not necessarily have a large number of individuals in the younger generation and that others were enjoying this service. Therefore, we are not catering to any specific age group.


There is still a group named the Awaken Team that will meet when necessary to discuss ideas and ways to improve the service. It is open to any age and is a very casual service. The music genre is currently what is played on Christian radio, however, some older material is also used. Anyone may attend this service, not just members of our congregation. It is a relatively short service, usually 30-40 minutes. Sometimes a video series is used for the message, or Pastor Ann will bring a message, or someone will give their testimony. We pray and praise God throughout this service.


I hope you may consider attending an Awaken Worship Service and give me your feedback. It may just give you that mid-week boost that you need to get through the rest of your week. Young and old alike may enjoy this service. This is not to take away from Sunday morning worship or Sunday School, but hopefully to enhance those events. Many of us attend both services and I think both are very beneficial in our walk with God.


            In January, we will begin a series by Max Lucado called “Max on Life”.  Maybe give it a try and invite someone to join you!





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