February 2019 Pastor’s Perspective

It’s Almost Here!

For the last three years we have been waiting for the special called General Conference to meet to determine how our denomination will move forward since there is so much disagreement among members around issues of human sexuality.

A special Commission on a Way Forward was formed with members from around the world, lay and clergy, from differing points of view on the issues.  They met faithfully and prayerfully and submitted a report to the Council of Bishops.  The Council of Bishops received all three possible plans that were presented, feeling that the One Church Plan was the best.  However, all three plans will be on the table for discussion, amendment and possible acceptance.

The General Conference will meet February 23-26 in St. Louis.  Our own Bishop Beard presented the outline of the three plans around the conference in October and November including one meeting in Chatsworth.  The most recent issue of our conference newspaper has an overview as well.  If you want to read the overview in the Current there are a few hard copies available at the entrances.  If you want to read online you can go directly to https://www.igrc.org/files/tables/content/12552795/fields/files/d284daf7e5754a46ba3d93e07c05e415/2019januarycurrent.pdf.  Or you can go to igrc.org and click on “communications” and then on the right side click on most recent Current issue.

In addition, on Sunday, February 3, I will present the same information the Bishop shared in his presentations during the Sunday school hour in the sanctuary.  This is an informational gathering to help you know what is happening, what is being discussed, and the possible effects of these decisions on our local congregation.  I had first publicized doing this last September but felt I needed to hear the Bishop first to make sure I had the correct information.

Please remain in prayer for the safe travel of all the delegates, for the Holy Spirit to inspire and lead the decision-making, and for the love of Jesus to shine through all the conversations and debates.

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