February 2017 Pastor’s Perspective

The month of February will be Love Month around the church.  Our messages on Sunday morning are going to focus on the theme of “Love Is a Verb” with our theme scripture being “Love never ends” from  1 Corinthians 13:8a.


Each Sunday we will think on how love causes us to act.  On February 5 we will focus on Love Is Honor.  First we love God and honoring God means to recognize that nothing on earth or in heaven is as valuable, as weighty, or as significant as God.  We will celebrate communion on this day and reflect on how we can honor each other and what actions to avoid because they dishonor others.


February 12 I will be in Nebraska for the next week of my continuing education, but Sharon Monroe will fill in with a message on the power of love.


February 19 is a very special day.  We will reflect on how love is a choice we make.  It affects loving God, our neighbors, our spouses, our families and our friends.  As part of the service, we will give all couples the opportunity to renew their marriage vows.  It will be a simple time of stating marriage vows in a “repeat after me” format.  You can dress up formally or come as you usually dress for worship.   The congregation gathered will also participate.  See the special Invitation in this newsletter for more information.


We will finish our month of love with a message on the blessings we receive and give through loving others.   Come be part of our reflections on love.  Bring your own thoughts.  Share love with one another.   Always remember that God is the source of love.  It is a gift God asks us to share with everyone.

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