Welcome to Fairbury IL!


Fairbury IL is a nice little town located in Livingston County, in Central Illinois. Our population is approximately 4,000 people.

Fairbury was laid out in 1857 and centered around the railroad that was built through the town. Caleb Patton owned the land where the original town was built and Octave Chanute was a civil engineer employed by the new Peoria and Oquawka Railroad to build the railroad line.

Fairbury grew to include many shops and businesses, including the Walton Brothers department store.

Today, although a lot has changed since 1857, Fairbury continues to be a local shopping destination with Dave’s Supermarket, a destination for dirt track race fans with the Fairbury American Legion Speedway, the annual Fairbury Fair, Kilgus Farmstead, as well as other shops and events throughout the year.


In the downtown area on the south side of our main street, there is a small park.  Although not visible in the picture, the railroad that brought life to Fairbury in the 1800’s runs close by.







On the north side of Fairbury, we have a newer park, North Park.  There are walking paths, pavilions, a playground, and lots of open green space.  Immediately south of the park is our public swimming pool.





Our public library, Dominy Memorial Library, underwent an expansion and remodel to increase the size, technology, handicap accessibility, and usability.  We are glad to have it be part of our town!




Dave’s Supermarket in Fairbury continues to be a regional draw.  It has expanded and grown significantly over the years and is known for their large selection, deli, bakery, and good prices.





We welcome you to Fairbury IL.  Come join us at the Fairbury IL First United Methodist Church and then enjoy the rest of our town!

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