August 2019 Pastor’s Perspective

The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world and its inhabitants too.

Because God is the one who established it on the seas; God set it firmly on the waters.  (Psalm 24:1-2 CEB)

I recently dug everything out at the house to put memories in scrapbooks.  I knew I hadn’t worked on this since my move in 2016 but it actually had been a year before that since I had put anything in.

At first, I was a little overwhelmed because this meant 4 rounds of holidays, 4 vacations, and 4 years of the other special events in my life.  How to get organized in order to keep things in chronological order?  How much time do I really have to work on it over the summer?

But, it all worked out with an extra table set up in the basement to hold the overflow.  One year is now done and I only spent time on it a few evenings and one day of vacation.  It has been fun remembering the places I’ve seen, the people I’ve met, and the people I reconnected with in those years.

A razor clam shell, a bird print in the sand, the Olympia Mountains, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood, Multnomah Falls and the kids riding the train at the tulip farm in Oregon are among the things I have seen.  The beauty of God’s world is almost unbelievable even when standing in awe as I take it in.  The joy that comes from a friendly face, an unexpected conversation that begins with “What do you do?” and often turns to matters of the Spirit and God’s work in the world.

It is all God’s!  I tell myself that over and over again, almost daily, and yet taking a walk through these memories and pictures keeps bringing the words printed above from Psalm 24 to mind. 

As you go through each day, remember that each thing you see or touch, each person you meet, each experience you have are all possible because God established it all.  It makes me more appreciative of everything!

Praise God for the wonders of all creation!

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